Essay On stress

Regarding work, situations of individual or collective stress cause countries and companies large losses due to defects in the quantity and quality of the product and services, absenteeism, change of position, work desertion, accidents, premature retirement and even deaths in the job. In addition to premature aging, illness, drug abuse, divorce, violence and labor conflicts, these are often one of the consequences that accompany stress at different times in our lives and that affect our person internally and externally. There are studies that have demonstrated that chronic stress increases the manifestations of brain aging, this sounds alarming and should wake up in each of us to become more aware that stress is not a game or a fashion.


Stress as mentioned above also increases the consumption of alcohol, drugs, and causes people to get to the degree of self-medication with drugs that in excess become very dangerous and only to achieve a little lower their level of stress.

However, we must take into account that not only has an impact on the economy or work, but is capable of causing great impact in societies. Something very important to comment is that it dissolves families, why? Answer a little simple but very objective, stress caused dislikes in couples, children suffer for this and at the same time there arises in them that stress of not knowing if their parents divorced.

Now the school is another big step to reach the peak of stress, it reaches a point that at times for students it is very difficult to bear the burden of tasks and keep up the pace to achieve good grades.


It is important to know that stress has distinguish agents that cause it and these can be dragging from childhood. According to the traumatic theme (sexual, marital, familial, occupational, etc.), it is possible to classify stress in a thousand ways, for example “according to the moment they act” (remote, recent, current and future) , “Depending on the period in which they act” (very brief, short, prolonged and chronic), “In consideration of the reality of the stimulus” (real, representative or imaginary), ” Exogenous or environmental, psychiatric), “according to the intensity of the impact” (micro esters and daily stress, moderate, intense or intense songstress), “according to the health effects (negative distress, positive esters),” according to Nature of the agent “(chemical, intellectual, physiological, physical, psycho social).

It was necessary to mention it as it has been done this classification to be able to identify the agent that causes the stress in a person. We must take into account that stress is not anything but a disease that can become dangerous.


A person is subject to multiple songstress that occurs in chain which represents where the precedent determines the consequence that will be thereafter. For example, when a student chooses his / her class schedule, he / she is overloaded with subjects (considered the first stress or), which causes too much concern and pressure to fulfill tasks and exams (second stress or), subsequent physical and mental weakening (third stress or) Not getting such good grades despite struggling to study (fourth stress or) and being disappointed in it and therefore falling into stress (fifth stress or).

Now, we can say that the physiological songstress that predispose us to suffer from the disease of stress are, for example, sleep deprivation, hunger, menstruation, childbirth, illness, pain, itching, among others. At the same time, the most common intellectual songstress I can mention as examples are mathematical calculations, intelligence tests, tests, task overload, reading a complex text and not being able to understand it or playing chess, can cause a stressful situation in us As a result it will have repercussions on anger or fatigue and anxiety. Sometimes such small things can be important songstress.

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