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Here I leave an example of an essay, I know it will be useful in their literature tasks, a few days ago I was looking for an example of an essay but I could not find it so I decided to create my own essay so I would not generate so much confusion, Serve them and be of great help: LUCK.
The epic in Latin America focused on distinguishing stages of conquest: clinging to colonial events, discoveries of a little later origin and religious motives.
Argument 1:
Several factors influenced the heroic epic, as did the links between the chronicles and primitive epics in the New World. The historian and the poet focused on the indigenous chronicles dealing more with American colonization.
Argument 2:
The disposition of the literary genres insisted on the idea that the epics had not died at all. My request to you is to read, even as a useful exercise in reading, and even humble homage, these epic tributes born in our continent in the colonial centuries.
For all this we can conclude that the Latin American epic goes beyond oral tradition to historical events marking the lives of just people who defended their honor defending the homeland.

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